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Braille-Thin Cities

brailleBand Name: Braille

Album Name: Thin Cities

Best Element: It’s Braille; there is no best element, it’s just great.

Genre: Mellow Indie rock


Label Name: Common Cloud

Band E-mail:

I love Braille. There, you have my bias: this is one of my favorite indie-rock bands. I think I heard about them early in 2004 but kind of lost track of them until I opened my package of CDs a few weeks ago and found their full length debut from Common Cloud Records in the pile. I was excited even before I listened to the album. Once I put the album in, I melted.

Thin Cities[u/”> opens with Thax Douglas reciting his poetry. For those who don’t know who he is, Douglas is the rock poet laureate for Chicago; he presents bands at shows by reciting poetry before they come on stage. His stuff generally has a mellow but profound tone to it, which sets up the mood for this album.

It’s really hard to describe this album- it’s an experience just listening to it. Each song sucks you in and makes you think about yourself or the world. Each song is laced with driving guitar and bass, eloquent drumming, and many of the songs are played with a violin and cello backing. Braille seems to be a band of minimalists who put their individual minimalist works together to develop a complex and beautiful product.

This is an album that must be experienced- words themselves truly can not explain how deep and meaningful each song is. If you only buy one album this year, make it Thin Cities[u/”>. It’s a bunch of great guys who are making great music.

P.S. Common Cloud is the coolest record label ever. Common Cloud has three bands signed and all three of them are amazing.

-Scott Landis