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Blue Sky Envy Interview

September 15, 2004

The Independent Clauses is built on the backs of independent bands. Therefore, it should be no surprise that we searched out a band who none of you have ever heard of to interview. We believe in them, and you can see why in this extremely scientific survey:

IC: What does your name mean? I kinda have a couple guesses, only guesses…
BSE: We had a lot of other really retarded names before (aspiring failure, second best, stealing home) but finally decided on this name when we played a friends’ party and it started to pour outside right before we played. We kinda wished it was nice out, but it was fun in the rain, good party. Ever try slip and slide with soap, rain and mud?

IC: How did you guys form?
BSE: Zach needed to do a project for video production class and met two other kids who played guitar and sang. They decided to start a band and write a song for the project. Jimmy was introduced to the band through our old singer and eventually we kicked out the old guitarist and got Jake who Jimmy had been friends with and played with before. After breaking up we reformed and started playing a lot but went through about 4 singers. Finally we found Corey everything went from there.

IC: What’s the worst thing about being a young band?
BSE: Nobody takes you seriously, can’t tour, we still have to have school and college to worry about because you never know what will happen with the band. Basically still having to deal with everything you normally do in high school and college.

IC: What’s the best thing about being in a band?
BSE: The chicks….not really because we don’t have any….chicks…that is…but uh going to shows and being the people that everyone is there to see, recording, meeting other bands you like, having fans, having fun doing what we love, and acting stupid. I mean if you love playin music what could be better than playing in a band, it’s the best feeling ever when you get up there and everyone is there for you and it’s just awesome.

IC: How does BSE write music?
BSE: We usually listen to a bunch of CDs for inspiration and then one of us gets an idea and we work from there. It all usually comes together. It’ll start with just Jake fooling around and possibly getting an idea and once he comes up with a riff of some sort Jimmy will just make a bass line to it and then Zach will start a beat and there you go another successful song writing process haha.

IC: My favorite song of yours is definitely “Something Lost in Space”. Is there a story behind it?
BSE: It was one of the first songs we made when we kinda changed our style from a more poppy sound to what it is now. Back when we first formed our music was just so incredibly simple that a three year old could probably play the songs we made. As we progressed we started to make somewhat better music, but we would have to say that “Something Lost in Space” was the breakthrough song for us cause it was the first song that we really thought was awesome and it blew all of our old stuff right out of the water.

IC: What’s your favorite song to play live?
BSE: Jake: “Bitterness of Life” cause it was the first song that all our friends knew about that was actually good.
Jimmy: “Seagulls” cause yeah it’s got a cool name haha.
Zach: “Seagulls”.

IC: What’s the coolest show you’ve played (with who and where)?
BSE: The coolest venue was the TLA battle of the bands with about 30 other bands from the area. We had to play first but it was an awesome experience being up on stage where a lot of famous bands we love play and we got to use all the professional equipment. A close second was at North End Firehall in our home town Pottstown. We played with The Prize Fight, Your Best Regret, Amity and Grenada’s Dream- all the best bands from the area that we go to see and we got to play at a show with them. These two were the coolest venues and bands we were able to play with, but one of the most amazing shows we did was right at our high school’s battle of the bands. We had told so many of our friends about this and we got a huge crowd to come out and support us. We were the last ones to go on, and when we walked out onto the stage (of course we couldn’t see anything, the stage lights were in our eyes haha), there was just this uproar of girls screaming and it seriously felt like we were rock stars. One of the most amazing feelings in the world- we will never forget how it felt.

IC: Is there a band that everyone in Blue Sky Envy can agree on?
BSE: The Prize Fight, Senses Fail, The Early November, The Starting Line. We have to say that these bands give us most of our inspiration in making music.

IC: What are you listening to right now?
BSE: Story of the Year. And might we just add that they are the craziest band ever live it’s a great show go see them!

IC: How do you feel about ’emo’? Love it or hate it?
BSE: Love it of course! Without this recent upbringing of “Emo” nobody would care about the music we are making so of course we love it haha.

IC: If music weren’t around, what do you want to be doing in 20 years?
BSE: Yeah man if music wasn’t around we would all have no lives. It’s basically all we do and listen to in our spare time. Chances are we would all just be ordinary losers that live average ordinary lives and never do anything more than have a normal life, pretty cool eh?

IC: What’s in the immediate future for BSE?
BSE: We have some upcoming shows with The Prize Fight and Your Best Regret, two local bands that we love very much and are awesome. We’re also working on trying out new people to sing since Corey is going to Tennessee for college. Other than that, just trying to get shows, get our name out.

IC: Anything else you want to say?
BSE: Jimmy: Gosh this was so cool.
Jake: Ah, shit.
Zach: Uh- thank you.

Stephen Carradini and Lisa Whealy write reviews of instrumental, folk, and singer/songwriter music. We write about those trying to make the next step in their careers and established artists.

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