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Blag’ard-Blank Faced Clocks

Band: Blag’ard

Album Name: Blank Faced Clocks

Best Element: Rawness of the music

Genre: Indie Rock


Label: Pig Zen’s Pace

Band E-mail:

Joe Taylor is the mastermind behind Blag’ard, which is essentially a one-piece band. However, on Blank Faced Clocks he is assisted by the drumming skills and backing vocals of Bill Buckley. The album was recorded in North Carolina and put out by Joe’s own label, Pig Zen’s Pace.

The rawness is ever-present throughout the 5-song EP, yet it doesn’t hamper the quality or the opinion of the album. In fact, it may even be asset, setting Blag’ard apart from the pack of singer/songwriters. The beginning track “Monk” is a well spliced, spacey piece which gives ample time to reflect on the ambient sounds. The second track “Losty” is a more straight-forward rock song, showing that he can cut to the chase and just rock out. The middle piece is a great number entitled “Peaches in Cream” showing a stranger, more off-key side to the tunes, driving hard to the point that variation is a key factor on this album. “Friends Like You” is a great song, likely my favorite on the album. It showcases some nice guitar work with what is my favorite vocal line on the album when he begs the question, “With friends like you/ who needs strangers?” The final song, “Jenny G,” is a nice closing to the album, though pegging love-lost stereo-types.

All in all, I was pleased with this album but not blown away. The potential of Joe Taylor is undeniable: the combination of his skillful guitar playing, song writing and unique vocal work are all strong assets. Hopefully Blank Faced Clocks will have enough momentum to fuel his musical passion into the horizon.

-Josh Hogan