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Bittersweet fiction from TGL

There’s nothing more disappointing then coming across a new album that you love, only to find out the band is no longer “together” only a year after the release of their first album.  So goes the story for the pop-rock band from DePauw University, TGL.

Released September 23, 2008, the band’s debut album Sweeter As Fiction has the same appeal as bands such as Boys Like Girls, The Starting Line, and Cute is What We Aim For.  With upbeat, catchy tunes, you’ll for sure want to dance to this solid ten-track record.

Favorites on the record include the opener “Beauty School Dropout” and the following song “Valleys.”  With lyrics like, “Don’t worry baby I’ll leave the light on/Just so you know/It was burned out long before you got home,” the band is a sure to draw in youthful listeners.  A pleasant surprise is the tendency of the lyrics to be fun and catchy, yet devoid of the overly “emo” feeling of many similar bands.

Despite the likability of Sweeter As Fiction, the failure of the band to remain together seems to serve as just another example of the cruelty of the industry.  After nearly six years of playing together, TGL officially parted ways in April of 2009, despite having been one of MTVU’S picks for “Artist of the Week.”

TGL seems to have fallen into the category of groups that cannot fully cross the “bump of originality” in the road to success.  Too often talented groups seem to fall apart, not because they don’t have quality songs but because they lack a uniquely original, overall sound.

A quote from the “About the Band” section on TGL’S Myspace states, “”No matter how great things can get….you always have to remember that things change, nothing is forever, except, death. However.​.​.​ with death…comes new beginnings. A resurrection, if you will.”

Maybe we haven’t heard the last from these guys after all.