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August Burns Red Is in Your FACE!

Friday March 30th, 2007
August Burns Red / From a Second Story Window / See You Next Tuesday / Life in Your Way / Chasing Victory
The Championship, Lemoyne, PA

I must admit, August Burns Red shows are almost always annoying.  Not because of the music in the least, but because of the show’s attendees.  Now, you must understand that I don’t dislike all 14 to 17 year olds – just the ones that think it scores them cool points if they run their hand up and down the bassist’s leg when he comes to their side of the stage. Or boys that hold up signs saying ‘Show me your boobs!’  Newsflash: This isn’t Woodstock.  Or a strip club.  Not that they would actually know what the inside of a place like that looks like, being that they’re oh, I don’t know…UNDERAGE?!

Aside from the annoying minions, the bands that played were top notch, for the most part. This was the first date on the In Your Face Tour, and August Burns Red’s first ever headlining tour, so it had special significance for them.  However, the first two bands to play, Life In Your Way and Chasing Victory, were indistinguishable from each other, and no one I asked seemed to know who was playing.  Thus I can only say that they were both a form of generic hardcore/metal.  I had never heard of the next band to play, See You Next Tuesday and just assumed that they were another run-of-the-mill screamo band.  Man was I wrong, and gladly so.  They were an onslaught to the senses, from the first note to the last hit on the double bass, left ringing in my ears.  Their grindcore / metal sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Pig Destroyer and Job for a Cowboy and was a vicious musical attack.  Incidentally, they also put on a borderline violent performance, and I nearly met my maker on several occasions thanks in part to a wildly swinging bass and crazy kids somersaulting into the crowd.

From a Second Story Window did not disappoint, either.  I have had the pleasure of seeing them several times before, and they put on just as chaotic and brutal a set as ever.  Their vocalist’s antics and his inclination towards vaulting himself into the crowd are always a nice way to spice up one’s evening.  August Burns Red put on an epic performance as always, complete with a rather Rocky-esque musical entrance at the start of their set.  I cannot say enough about this metalcore band.  They never disappoint in any aspect of their performance, so if you get a chance to catch this tour (or any tour they are a part of, for that matter), I highly recommend you take said chance.  ABR’s new record [u]Messengers[/u] drops on June 19th, so don’t forget to pick up your copy! And to all you music pirates out there, this one will be worth spending $10 on, I promise.

– Allison Frank