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Attika State

September 21, 2003

The Attika State is a rock band from Southern England. I’ve always had good experiences with British bands (see Hiding With Girls and #1 Defender) and this one doesn’t disappoint.

“The Attika State Presents….” opens with “The Downside of Perfect”. The highly melodic vocals are most definitely British. Not a bad thing, but a noticeable thing. Another insta-notice is that this band applies to the school of post-punk. They’re heavy, but not that heavy, not leaning towards emo, but not towards punk either. The harmonizing technique throughout this album is reminiscent of Brand New. “Downside” presents all of these ideas very well, but the second half is much better than the first half…my jaw literally dropped (note: does not happen too often). “Relief Wax” starts off less rock-oriented, and has a studied technicality that wasn’t apparent on the first track. The vocals take a much more prominent place, and they step up well, making this track work. At the end of the track, it rocks out in post-punk style before dropping to a beautiful solo-guitar melody to end it. The song is quite amazing. “Vinegar Hill” has a long intro and a poppier feel, but by the middle they’ve returned to their post-punk ways. Very satisfying, and very cool.

The Attika State has it going on. They have distinct markers of their style apparent throughout this demo, with one of them being a musical confidence that radiates with every chunky chord that is slammed out. Another is the smooth meld of styles into their music (pop, rock, punk). Students of music, be prepared. They may not be inventing the genre, but The Attika State will certainly perk your ears.

Buy: N/A (whole album available at above address).

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