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Ambulance by Roma Secrets

Single Review: Ambulance by Roma Secrets.

This low-fi emo-rock epic starts off with two vocalists trading off vocals line for line while a piano plays a simplistic, beautiful line. The lyrics here are of the Alkaline Trio variety: concise, violent, and anti-romance. The vocalists’ voices play into the theme well, as both of their lines are a little askew and their voices don’t exactly mesh the music, creating a unique, deranged aura when paired with the lyrics.

Unexpectedly, the two vocalists scream at once, unleashing a blisteringly fast emo guitar attack that demands moshing. The guitar line here amazed me. It’s one of those lines that you sit back and say “Dang….that fits PERFECTLY right there.” If it had been the lead riff to a song, I’m not so sure it would have worked. But placed unceremoniously in the middle of a song, this riff is awesome.

That triumphant section segues into another melancholy section, where the bass is featured. Both vocalists return, this time singing melody and countermelody over this brooding chaos. Then, just when you thought you had this song figured out, the drums and bass blast back to a rocket tempo, but the guitars do not, creating a frenzied drum’n’bass sound under a genteel, single guitar melody that is hanging over from the melancholy section. It’s freaking awesome.

Finally, the heavy guitars return once again, and it’s an all out frenzy until the end of this four minute epic. This song is the most original piece of emo I’ve heard in a long time. If the rest of their upcoming album is as good as this single, I will be worshipping this album.