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All Teeth and Knuckles- Club Hits to Hit the Clubs With

All Teeth and Knuckles- Club Hits to Hit the Clubs With,

Pish Posh of North America (

All Teeth and Knuckles is the kind of stuff that is better left in one’s closet. The album was created for the sole purpose of a way for Patric Fallon to cope with his life problems, and it greatly shows.

Fallon creates some pretty good beats, but they are not always the most original. He experiments with different styles of club beats: some are fun, up beat, and “8-bit” while others feel like imitation Justin Timberlake. While Fallon’s beats are decent hits with a few misses, his lyrics are incredibly irritating.

The album opens up with Fallon using the tactics of anti-mainstream, self-hype that underground hip hop artists love to do. It can be assumed that an indie/underground act will turn to such tactics, and thus the opener is not bothersome. But the opener’s lyrics and feel are completely different than the rest of the album.

As soon as Fallon hypes himself up, he quickly brings himself down. On “Fuck Your Jacket”, Fallon criticizes the hipster culture, and by doing so makes himself look like one. The delivery of his lyrics hints that he has had training in the emo department, and his choruses are horridly trite. This brings for a quirky, angst-ridden album full of emo club music that one would feel incredibly awkward dancing to.

Most of Fallon’s songs start out with potential, but never completely flesh out, and we are instead left with tracks created by a jaded, burnt out beat maker. However, the best song on the album is “black out dance”, which is an interlude. The beats that Fallon chooses combined with the dissonant guitar makes for something bone chilling and bittersweet. All of Fallon’s emotions and pain can be felt in this one interlude that is the epitome of what is All Teeth and Knuckles; the rest is just filler and Fallon experimenting.

–         Tim Wallen