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A First-Hand Glance at A Second Chance

A First-Hand Glance at A Second Chance

Taking over the music world, one place at a time: A Second Chance. After hitting a nerve in (Go to their page and see for yourself), A Second Chance has taken their melodic emo show on the road, and is making tracks all over the indie music scene.

IC: Hey, how’s life been treating you lately?

Andy: Things have been going really well! Thanks.

IC: How was the “Don’t Cry, Just Dance” tour?

Andy: That tour was so much fun. All of the bands on it really know how to have fun and the shows were awesome.

IC: Got any funny stories from there?

Andy: Oh man, so many. I’ve been sharing this one story because it doesn’t involve anything too illegal. This one time we met up with My American Heart on the road on the way to one of the shows and we started having an all out war going like 80. I really don’t think I should name what we were throwing at them but on a blind shot I (Andy) got an opened two liter of Pepsi right in their passenger window and soaked them, it was awesome.

IC: What was the best show on the tour?

Andy: I would have to say it was this one show in Tempe, AZ at this place called the Clubhouse. The kids there are so awesome to us and it’s where we got our first ever encore while on tour.

IC: If you could change one of the aspects of the tour, what would you change (other than making it longer- cause every indie band wants a longer tour…)?

Andy: I would have to say the whole clean clothes thing. I’ve got to shout out Random Entertainment for giving us enough shirts to make it through the tour.

IC: What are some of your favorite tour-bus CDs?

Andy: We probably played Head Automatica and Underoath the most while we were out.

IC: It’s been a while since you recorded anything…how has your sound progressed since the recording of the “In Your Silence” EP?

Andy: To a degree we think we’ve out grown that EP. It was some of the first songs we wrote when Dan joined the band. For the newer material we’re writing for our full-length, we’re def. maturing to a more rock based feel and we’re not going to limit ourselves to anything.

8. Are we going to hear your new material soon?

Our full length is going to be available in stores everywhere hopefully by the early side of Spring.

9. What’s the last CD that you bought and were really disappointed in? Why?

I can’t really think of anything right now, I guess that’s good.

10. What album do you really like that you wouldn’t admit to your macho-est of friends?

The Ashlee Simpson CD is definitely up there.

11. Got any memorable catchphrases to leave us with?

I’m definitely doing to get this question wrong…

-Stephen Carradini