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4th Order-13

4thorderBand Name: 4th Order

Album Name: 13

Best Element: The mindset behind the music

Genre: Grunge


Label Name: n/a

Band E-mail:

4th Order’s music is a mainly derived from two sources: Creed and Alice in Chains. While I could see the latter being a suitable option for imitation, the former is not- and unfortunately for 4th Order, Creed seems to be the main pool of inspiration. From there, the band constructs an album that, for the most part, sounds like mediocre covers of someone else’s much-dated work.

While the vocal harmonies are tight and give the music another dimension, the harmonies are blatantly influenced by Alice in Chains, the lead singer sounds like he’s doing his best Scott Stapp impression, and the music often has clean guitar parts in minor keys reminiscent of early Metallica. This band reminds me of the bands that usually play at bars and clubs around town, mostly playing covers in the set along with a few originals that sound like covers. These guys often play radio-friendly rock music that steers clear of any innovation or creativity.

If I seem harsh in this review, let me make something clear: this band isn’t out to be the biggest band in the world. 4th Order is made up of guys with families and wives who are making music for the sole purpose of loving to play. They just want to play the music that they grew up with and don’t really care if it’s cool anymore. I feel that in itself is respectable- but the recycled grunge is just not listenable anymore.