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Month: September 2022

September 2022 Singles 1

1. “Words and Silences: Sound of an Unperplexed Wren” – Brian Harnetty. This is a truly fascinating piece: an ostinato left-hand piano line is accompanied by floating woodwinds, sounds of rain (or tape hiss?), and recordings of monk Thomas Merton’s voice musing about perplexity (or lack thereof) in the world. Merton’s written work was encouraging to me during a difficult time last year, and hearing his voice even after his passing is a beautiful gift. Hearing it on top of a wonderful composition is even more of a gift. Highly recommended.

2. “Davening in Threes” – Eli Winter. Eli Winter has been one of my favorite recent discoveries. His melodic sensibilities in acoustic guitar playing are truly a wonder to behold. This particular rolling acoustic piece is gorgeous, and accompanied by an equally beautiful video.

3. “Flocks a Mile Wide” – Christopher Tin. A sweeping, romantic symphonic overture for a suite about the extinction of birds. It’s not as sad as it sounds. Okay, it is pretty sad. But it’s Christopher Tin, after all, so there is hopefulness here.

4. “Sea of Vapours” – Versa. Subtly beautiful, slowly unfolding composition with the tension of post-rock but the delicate delivery of traditional composition.

5. “Hidden Language of Four” – Deniz Cuylan. Elegant, whirling composition that draws on the heavy presence of strings to complement the delicate guitar and piano.

6. “May Rain” – Greg Dallas and Jan Esbra. Rain-drenched, glittering ambient that is deeply peaceful.

7. “Sindradi” – Avalon Skies. Strings, beats, and melismatic vocals come together in a lush, momentous electro track.

8. “Blue Winter” – Pearz. This unique cut lies somewhere between spy soundtrack, space age bachelor pad, and funk.

9. “CODE” – The Comet is Coming. Always up for a good mix of jazz and electro. This one is frantically urgent, with saxophone and beats all rushing to get there.

10. “Primetime A Go-Go” – Basher. This “electro plus jazz” tune has a lot of drama in it, from the big splashy synths to the arcing saxophone melodies. Very exciting stuff.

11. “CASCADE” – Gold Lamé. Intriguing post-rock that has elements of math-rock cleverness, indie-pop tone, and ’90s indie-rock’s low-key approach. For fans of Fang Island.