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2011: The Hangover

January 2, 2012

So, the next few days we’ll be tying up some loose ends from 2011.

Rusty G’s sent over a Soundcloud link to their Led Zep-esque tunes; if you’re into old-school riffage, this is your band. “On Repeat” and “Losing You” both have mega lead guitar action, while “Lost Words” forefronts enthusiastic vocals over heavy bass and some chunky chords. Rusty G’s is definitely a band to watch in 2012 – has anyone told NME about these Brits yet?

The Nghiems released a very indie-pop Christmas tune called “Holiday in the OK.” Yes, I am behind. It’s still a good song. Their strong control of mood makes this tune into a winner. If you’ve got snow on the ground (or melancholy in your heart), the mood still works, so pick it up.

Indie-appropriating rapper G-Eazy’s “All I Could Do” is a tour video that I enjoy, because it doesn’t go on too long at just under two minutes.

Happy 2012!

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