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10 Years! Never Give Up! Kickstarter!

February 8, 2013


Independent Clauses’ 10th birthday is coming up, and we promised loyal IC readers a present/surprise at the beginning of the year. Today is the day that we unveil that present. We are putting out a 20-band compilation album of covers from Give Up by The Postal Service called Never Give Up: Celebrating 10 Years of The Postal Service. It will be out May 15 on Bandcamp.

We’re running a Kickstarter campaign to finish up the funding of the mechanical licenses. We’re only looking for $695, because this project isn’t looking to change the world: we just want everyone to get paid legally. So, if you want to support Independent Clauses, get some sweet free tunes, support one of the bands below, or generally be awesome to each other, you should hit up the Kickstarter Page and check out the prizes. I’ll handmake you a mix CD! With art!

Folk Side:
1. “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” – The Collection
2. “Such Great Heights” – Venna
3. “Sleeping In” – Andrea Caccese (of Songs for the Sleepwalkers and I Used to Be a Sparrow)
4. “Nothing Better” – The Duke of Norfolk
5. “Recycled Air” – Jacob Furr
6. “Clark Gable” – The Parmesans
7. “We Will Become Silhouettes” – Jenny and Tyler
8. “This Place Is a Prison” – Carl Hauck
9. “Brand New Colony” – Elijah Wyman / Decent Lovers
10. “Natural Anthem” – Stephen Carradini and the Midnight Sons

Indie-pop Side:
1. “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” – Fairmont
2. “Such Great Heights” – Kris Orlowski
3. “Sleeping In” – The Lovely Few
4. “Nothing Better” – Oh Look Out!
5. “Recycled Air” – Josh Caress (of Come On Pilgrim!)
6. “Clark Gable” – Dr. Pants
7. “We Will Become Silhouettes” – Young Readers
8. “This Place is a Prison – Western Romantic (Dan McCurry of Run Dan Run)
9. “Brand New Colony” – The Noise Revival
10. “Natural Anthem” – Gregory Pepper

So that’s the deal! We’re corralling our favorite bands together into a compilation of one of our favorite bands, and giving it away for free with your help. Let’s make it happen!


Comments: (6)

On February 25, 2013 Dan wrote...

Will you be making any hard copies of these for those of us who still prefer CD's?

On February 26, 2013 Stephen Carradini wrote...

I would love to, but that would take another $380 for royalties, and then the cost of printing the CDs. If we keep surging past our goal, we may be able to do so. At the moment, it's unfeasible.

On March 10, 2013 Dan wrote...

Great, and now I see that this ended a few years ago before I could throw my cash in. I am interested in paying in (particularly for a hard copy) if that's still an option now that the Kickstarter project has closed.

On March 10, 2013 Dan wrote...

Argh, and by "years", I meant "hours". This is not my week.

On March 11, 2013 Stephen Carradini wrote...

No worries! We were funded way beyond what we expected, which was awesome. The album will be available FOR FREE for the first 200+ people (haven't finalized the numbers yet) who want to download it, and then each side will be four dollars (with all proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy relief). I will keep you posted if there's going to be a hard copy edition of this anywhere. Thank you so much for your interest in this project!

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